Non woven fabrics and felts since 1975

In 1975 TNT launched the first steps in the production of non woven fabrics, developing a specialized backing for PVC coated fabrics.

Afterwards, TNT took off as result of automotive industry demands for non woven fabrics to line vehicular interiors. TNT’s rapid growth allowed the progress of technologically advanced machinery, specialized in the processes of felting, consisting of fiber carding and their consequent adhesion through mechanical compression.

As result TNT has enjoyed success in the production of FELT, a versatile material used in various industries.

Today, TNT is equipped to fully satisfy client needs in the footwear and slipper production industry, providing a warm material for uppers and lining.

The TNT collection offers a wide range of felt products made from either synthetic, wool, or fibers PET obtained from recycled plastic bottles. They are available in wide range of solid and melange colors, thicknesses, and fashionable looks.